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The morning after

OH EM GEE!!! Ladies! My husband is HOME. EEEk. And I must say man oh man have I missed his kisses, ( and other such parts) ;) He got home around 4 ish yesterday, and our boys were over the top with excitement. They just wouldn't let go of him, and were smothering him with kisses, wish I would have reminded myself to grab the camera. Shoot. Wow, did daddies cammies smell though! Guess I am on laundry duty today while he's at work. Dang. LOL

I coldn't stop looking at him, even after living with him and being his best friend before his wife, I am so amazed with him. Every part. He's got these beautiful blue eyes that capture my heart and the worlds sweetest smile. I'm in love with my husband, I don't know how much more amazing my life could get.

Thanks for all the new adds girls! I can not wait to read your journals and learn of all your amazing days and about your awesome kids. :)

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No- He was gone for a month for training. UGH. My husband also got home from deployment in October. He leaves again in January. That will be a sad sad day in the Pierce household that's for sure.

I love blue eyes! Both of my boys have crystal blue eyes, and the hubby got them to. Me? Yeah, my eyes are green. LOL

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Ah the life of a military wife. :) LOL. 4 months IS a long time, but as you said it will be WONDERFUL for the career. Are you guys lifers?

We are lifers, USMC. OOORAH.

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LOL. Your husband sounds interesting! Whats his MOS if you don't mind me snooping.

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My Hubby is also Bravo Company and Infantry. Did you say your man way Army? How weird, we have so much in common in the way of our husbands. LOL

Their is different branches, but whoa. Bizare.

Their IN* different branches I mean

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You like the military boys. LOL. I have an icon that says "civilian boys bore me" seems like it might suit you better. hehe

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LOL. I love my Marine, and my WHOLE family in Military. All my brothers, my Kids's dad, my uncles, my dad and grandpa. Us ladies in my family totally "Support" the troops! haha

yay for your hubby being home =)

THANK YOU! I think I might have smothered him to death last night. hehe

how exciting!! :)

what base is he stationed at?

We're at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina.

And it's so exciting.

I kinda missed him. LOL

oh that's where my friends BF is stationed at but he's currently deployed. when i move down there i'll be at Fort Bragg.

kinda? haha

Kinda? So not living on base? Cause if that's what ou mean, then I only kinda live on Camp Lejeune. LOL. Our home is in Jacksonville 2 minutes from Main Gate, but we're Sationed at Lejeune.

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