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A little bit Sappy

Okay so I write. A lot. Random thoughts, things that never have an ending, and poetry. I LOVE to write. I write from experience, I write from dreams, I write from hopes. Love and hatred, I write because I can, I write to escape, and I write to understand. Sometimes it doesn't make sense, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it's cooky, and sometimes it's sappy.

I am going to post a few things. Thoughts, comments, good - negative. I welcome it all.  I am curious. :)

First entry-

I laid awake last night dreaming of our future. I closed my eyes and tossed prayers into the sky. I laid awake last night wishing upon stars. I opened my eyes: you weren't there.

I ran my fingers through your blonde hair; dug my fingers deeper and felt the cold air.

I kissed you- a soft meeting of lips, a tease of taste- a harsh pang of loneliness.

I felt your arms circle my waist from behind, the weight of your wrists heavy on my hips. I moved my hands to join your fingers, longing to feel your skin.

Your breath was on my neck last night, my fingers in your hair, your hands circled my waist last night, my fingers slipped through the air. Reality and fantasy twirled and swayed their way through my mind last night.

I swear to god i felt you there

My husband was gone for a month, I wrote this on one of the hardest nights during the training.  For him. I keep a journal, a written one for Tanner (my husband). He writes me back, and leaves his comments and leaves his poetry. I'd post his reply to this, but he's shy. ;)

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Aww. that was really sweet.

I used to write stuff like this for/about my exbf(who was in the military & was stationed in England) ...though I think it fell on deaf ears, needless to say he is not my husband.

Thank you. It was a loong night that night. LOL.

Ah, but if he didn't appreciate you you are better off my dear.

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